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Boundless Learning
Boundless Capabilities

Own your own intelligent digital learning ecosystem with unlimited content for your employees and customers.

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Build the workforce of tomorrow, today. 

With Sapphital Enterprise, you have all the tools and platforms you need to train, retrain and empower your workforce to gain relevant technical, practical, and soft skills to perform optimally at all times. 


Platform  +   Contents   + Learning Experience 


Sapphital is Africa’s leading Digital Learning company, powering top-rated organizations and government agencies to design and implement successful eLearning strategies. Whether it is an Internal Learning platform for employees, or an external academy to train your customers and stakeholders, we have you covered. 

Unlimited Content
in Multiple Formats

Start with a short video course, continue with an eBook, listen to a podcast, attend a live class, read an article, and hear from your Managing Director and other experts, all from the same app.
We have over 1 million titles from the best authors for you to choose from, while we continue to produce customized learning content for you.

Mature Businessman

We are on a critical mission to make companies and government institutions and their employees more productive. 

Design Your Own Learning Paths 

The beauty of learning is that everyone and every team is different. Design learning paths for individuals or for groups. Focus on what is important and drive everyone towards the same learning objectives.

Your app lets you do the magic and build effective teams. 

The Gen Zs vs the Millenials

When it was their time, the millennial generation drove creativity and innovation across multiple industries and produced some of the finest products and companies we have today. Now, most likely, they are the managers and team leaders in your organization. The Gen Zs have arrived and are disrupting the workplace further, with their extreme digital and social nature. 


With Sapphital Enterprise, HR and Training Managers now have a platform to engage both generations seamlessly with the other generations, making the workplace a truly learning environment. 

Did You Say More For Less?

Yes you did. We like to estimate that you get about 10X the value of training and knowledge for about 20% of your previous budget. Use a part of that savings to reward performance and pay bonuses to employees and team leaders. Your workforce will become superheroes. 


Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Sapphital Enterprise is the best learning platform for corporate employees and business executives on the market. 


Why Choose us 


With a highly secure, state-of-the-art facility equipped to digitize a wide variety of content formats. 


Clients bring original copies of their materials to Sapphital because they trust us to preserve mission critical content. 

A Winning Team

We proudly have a workforce of 100+ young ‘professional creatives’ who perform nothing but magic on a daily basis.   

Our Services 
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Learning Management System (LMS)

Are you looking for a digital platform to host your learning content that is accessible by all staff, from any location, at any time, on any device? 


That platform is called a Learning Management System (LMS) and guess what? Sapphital Enterprise is currently the most robust and intelligent LMS on the market. It was built so that organizations can have the best people, and meet their corporate goals faster and more efficiently. 

We do three things and we do them very well. 

Elearning Content Conversion

A lot of organizations still have their training materials and internal learning documents in the usual formats - Word,  PowerPoint slides, Books, and Articles. These are not so appealing for learning especially with younger audiences. 


Now imagine if you could convert them into beautifully crafted, visually appealing eLearning content such as audiobooks, videos, ebooks, animations, infographics, podcasts, comics, or even music. 


We have one of the largest eLearning studios today and we are experts when it comes to content conversion. Since 2020, we have converted content for a lot of Nigerian banks, government agencies, and international organizations. 

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Communicating with Sign Languages

Translation Services

A bigger part of learning is in the delivery, and English is just one of the many languages to pass on knowledge.


Now imagine you wish to train your staff or customers across different locations or countries and they speak different languages. You do not want them to miss the message and you want them to become experts within their local markets.  A recent trend for organizations is to convert their training materials into digital formats, first, then translate them into various languages. 

There is a Pan-African bank, headquartered in Nigeria, that we support to convert their learning content into English and French. Another Government agency trains its personnel and partners across Nigeria in English, Pidgin, and the 3 major Nigerian languages.

9 Tips to Choosing an LMS - 
The Complete Guide
An ultimate path to choosing the best 
Learning Management System for your organization
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Powered by Sapphital Enterprise

With millions of minutes of our content consumed across all our platforms each year. Our platform powers some of Nigeria’s finest academies and organizations.

Our Clients
We are trusted by more than 60 top-rated organizations - Government Institutions, International Agencies, Banks, and other Private Organizations.

Abba Bello

Managing Director/CEO Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM)

Star Sapphire has been our consultant for up to 9 years and has consistently delivered top-quality services in media, digital and training. More recently, they launched their digital brand – Sapphital – which has partnered with NEXIM to build the Nigerian Export Academy as well as our Learning Mobile App on Android and iOS.   ( For me, it’s the long-term perspective and their service and quality mentality that makes them unique.

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