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A major step is deploying an LMS that is tailored to your needs. Output is your own branded online learning platform.


Organizations we have launched our LMS

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Learning Management System (LMS)

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Industries We Serve

Every organization, we think, is a learning organization. Whether you're in the corporate world and need compliance training, or you're in higher education and want to provide a better, more secure platform for your learners, we can help. Sappital LMS provides versatile options to assist you to accomplish your ideal goal, regardless of your needs. See how we can assist your company, organization, or group in achieving its goals.

  • Education Sector

  • Workplace Learning

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Training Companies

  • Business Services

  • Non-Profit

Why We have the best LMS

Maximum flexibility User interface

You can design everything you can think of.

Even the most complex course ideas can be handled by our LMS robust UI builder without affecting the user experience.

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Admin Dashboard

Our LMS admin dashboard is built with so many advanced features that make the admin manage to platform more friendly. this feature includes: 

  • Creating/storing content

  • Assigning  Roles

  • Create course landing pages

  • Certificate Builder

  • Create & Manage Instructors

  • Create and manage students

Course Screenshot2

User Dashboard

We determined that we could make our admin navigation easier using the Admin User Interface. On the administrative side, learning management systems boil down to three things:

Course Screenshot

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