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How to find out if your organization needs an eLearning platform

Updated: Dec 19, 2022


E-learning offers advantages that are not just for young learners and educational organizations. Any business can profit from using this effective learning method properly. But despite how unbelievable it may appear, there are still companies that do not train their employees online and instead rely on physical training. Regardless of individual views on the issue, in this article we will emphasize on the objective elements that show the importance of this modality. Read on and pay more attention to them!

What are the key factors for your company to consider e-Learning?

Businesses that use e-Learning not only last longer, but are also more productive in their work. This is closely linked to e-Learning, as it keeps all employees up to date with the latest developments in their respective areas. At the same time, e-learning can be used as a method to train people who are already in your company without having to look for new employees. Thus, a business needs this method if:

Your employees are spread across different geographical locations. If there are more opportunities, the better. Reducing the cost of training is possible thanks to e-Learning, as it is a more optimal option if you have employees spread all over the world or who have different shifts, time zones or even languages. It saves time!

Employees are constantly rotating. This allows you to individualize the content to ensure that each employee acquires the knowledge they require. In addition, e-Learning offers greater opportunities to grow and improve professionally.

There is little or no budget for training. Face-to-face training involves higher costs (depending on the size of the company) than e-Learning. In the first example, you have to consider the many factors involved: speaker, accommodation, subsistence, printing material, waiters, audiovisual material… e-Learning platforms do not only offer you all these resources, but also lower costs as they do not require materials or physical people.

You need to be fast to get ahead of the competition. The Internet is immediate and the digital environment of e-Learning will enable you to inform all employees of new products, activities or technologies that your company is working on in a quicker and efficient way.

You need to train new employees as quickly as possible. Your company may be expanding and need to recruit a large number of new employees. Arming yourself with an introductory online course will help to train them better and make them feel more confident from the very first days.

Your business needs to be up to date with new laws. There are businesses that are governed by constantly changing regulations, such as a law firm or a bank, so they need to be up to date at all times. As you will realize, it is not cost-effective to summon an employee in person every time there is a change. This is why e-Learning is once again the ideal option.

Training methods available via corporate e-Learning

E-learning will be a powerful asset for your business, but first you should consider the various learning approaches that work effectively in a corporate environment:

  • Collaborative online classes. An excellent modality if you are looking for practical knowledge to acquire specific skills.

  • Tablets. Small pieces of information to inform employees about new developments, standards or services.

  • Gamification. Not only will you get your employees to acquire the knowledge they need, but you will also promote entertaining and profitable learning. It is a modality that provides excellent results.

  • Recyclable video courses. It will allow each employee to complete them in their own way and whenever they want.

  • They are usually a highly motivating tool that also considerably reduces costs.

These are only a few examples that you might use in your organization since, as you have seen, it would be almost absurd to not rely on e-Learning. If you have made the decision to enter this field, we would like to let you know that putting in place an e-learning training plan is a straightforward process. All you need to do is consider your available resources, select the best platform, create an implementation strategy, and establish specific goals.

Welcome to a technique with lots of advantages!

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